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Hailing from one of the most politically engaged areas of India, Eastern UP and after the completion of UG & PG from Gorakhpur University, I have shifted my academic orientation to Area Studies (International Relations). Written dissertation on India's Border Management and accomplished doctorate from SIS, JNU making comparative analysis between two different borders of India with Pakistan and Nepal.

Currently, I am heading the Department of Political Science, Galgotias University and majorly dealing with subjects of theoretical and diplomatic concerns global politics.

I, frequently share my humble opinions and perspectives through popular newspaper, digital mediums, journals and blogs in English as well as in Hindi.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Security Challenges: India's Borders with Pakistan and its Management


The strategic importance of Pakistan is unique because of being a close neighbour toMiddle East, having a common border with China, India, Iran, Afghanistan and less than onehundred kilometre distance from Central Asian state of Uzbekistan. Bridge between South Asiaand South West Asia; Iran and Afghanistan are energy abundant while India and China aresimply lacking of.India, a nation of one billion people and the largest democracy in the world, is fast growing to become the largest economy in Asia after China and Japan. As a result of its rapid growth accompanied by political stability, the country is presumed to be a significant factor in determining the course of overall growth trajectory of Asia.


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